How To Survive The Festive Season


As the festive season draws closer, everyone will be engaged in one activity or the other, ranging from shopping and travelling to celebrations and business activities. Most people tend to be carried away by these events that they loss their sense of security and become vulnerable to security breach and attack.

• Personal safety is paramount. If you are going out, make sure someone knows where you are going and what time you will be back.

• If you have a reason to go out at night, then go with a family member, a trusted friend not “just a friend”.

• Take time to study every environment you find yourself; look out for unusual things and persons. Do not rush to the scene of crimes e.g. bombing to get pictures you will post to the social media. Note that another one may be on the way to explode.

• Avoid disclosing your identity and family details to strangers. This mostly occurs inadvertently by the information you may send or post on the internet. This is a place the fraudsters get some of your personal information.

• If you happen to be in a state or place where motor bikes (Okada) or Tricycles (Keke-Napep) are in use, be careful most of them are accomplices to these criminals. Take time to look at the plate number of every vehicle that is carrying you. Remember that any vehicle without plate number could be a signal that there is problem.

• Be smart and hold your personal belonging tight whenever in a motor park or about to enter a bus.

• Do not show off with your electronic devices like blackberry, laptops, Ipad etc. They will attract criminals to you.

• If you go to an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) for cash, check for people around and make sure it is well lit if at night and in a safe location. Advisably, only use ATMs during the day.

• Keep your wits about you – too much alcohol makes you vulnerable to become a victim to criminals. Criminals are always looking up for preys who will get drunk at a party.

• Before you leave your car, have a double-check on the doors, watch and identify people who are around there. If you are not comfortable with the people there, re-park.

• If you know that your environment is prone to car theft apply target hardening techniques e.g. by using pedal locks, alarms or get a tracker- global positioning system (GPS). Avoid being a victim and act responsibly. The criminal can only succeed when you do nothing to prevent the crime from occurring.

Please NOTE that it is very difficult to get the criminals once the crime has been committed. If you perceive something out of the ordinary this festive season report to the nearest security or law enforcement agents immediately. Do not allow the criminals enjoy the Christmas and New Year at your expense.

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