Modern Security Gadgets


By: Nwadialor Ijeoma

Every day we find ourselves faced with dangers and security threats in our homes, workplaces, business units, etc. Though we may not be too secured to avert all security threats/challenges that we come across, preparing beforehand can come in handy if we want to overcome a larger percentage of these threats. That is why it is always a good idea to invest more in securing your home, workplaces, etc., from potential dangers; and there are a lot of devices and tools that can help one achieve this.

Oftentimes, the real issue in acquiring these modern security gadgets is in deciding which security gadget to use. The last thing anyone could wish for is to run into a problem and realise that he should have gone with a better and efficient security system.

Technology is now both the biggest weapon and the biggest shield we have. Thus, we will be looking at security gadgets that can help strengthen your home and workplace security, thereby keeping you safe.

The first on our Review is the Y-cam Cube

Y-Cam Cube
Y-Cam Cube

The Y-cam Cube connects to the internet, enabling the owner to view and hear exactly what the camera can. The picture quality is great, and the night vision function is a major selling point. It detects motion and automatically sends the owner a photo to their device, which is perfect for telling the Police that there is a burglary in progress.


Key features:

  • See and hear what is happening live
  • Custom motion detection settings
  •  Instant motion alerts by email or push notification
  • Motion clips recorded into your online account
  • Customisable recording and alert schedules
  • Infrared night vision lets you see-in-the-dark
  • Watch from your PCs, Mac, Smartphones and tablets

Setting up the Y-cam device is a simple step-by-step process: plug in, connect to your internet and follow the steps. No prior technical skill is necessary.

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