The issue of national security has never been of less imporatnt in any nation, thats why the need to delibrate on the issue of national security. thats the aim of the Nigerian summit on national security2016.
with the theme-CONFRONTING AND CONTAINING THREATS FROM TERRORISM AND SECTARIAN INSURGENCY, from the 25th of may -25th may- 26th may 2016.









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Participants during tea break
Participants during tea break


1ST PLENARY SESSION:-THE SURGE OF TERRORISM IN OUR TIMES-AMB John Campbell,PROF john ifedora,dr jakkie cillers,ngele dikounge-atange.
4 ideas to tackle bokoharam.
1.expansive deradicalisation
2.explicit check on the abuse of security services
3 facilitate the assesment of humanitarian need in the north east
4.Rehabilitation of health system in the north east.



2nd PLENARY SESSION-EXAMINATION OF THE ROOT CAUSES OF INSURGENCY AND MILLITANCY-AMB Emmanuel Imohe,dr olufemi elias,prof jonathan Leape,His Excellency Govnor Ortom reprsented by Mr Joe Okey-abah

Mr Joe Okey-abah”s speech

Mr joe okey abbah
Mr joe okey abbah

The sultan of sokoto never descrimated, the great amadu bellow w the need to acomodate every Nigerian and foreigners. We have one of the best educational system in the world at my time Abu was the one the best university in the world with no discrimination. As fore the nomadic headsmen, Quit a number of flanks are like brothers to US. The question is: it’s the responsible of our governments to protect Nigerians. In Nigeria book Hiram did not just start yesterday, we had all the intelligent and we saw it coming. So where we teen a blind eye allow headset traverse, there is something wrong some where. It’s better to call a spad a spAd so I will rather call the attention of my Muslim brothers. We have to very carwash and truthful to our self by asking the key question wether are progressing or not. If you are informed then you realise that beign in power and you can’t positive information then we have a problem. The more informed you are, you begin to realise the better for US.
There is no hope if we continue in this direction,if we dont minimize at the point in time, we wouldnt have the excess to put in capital expenditure. Rather than begin to look at isue for fire briggade perspecive,we need to go back to the drawing board and get it right.

Miss Falilah Hamu ALIYU’s speech

Miss Falilah Hamu ALIYU
Miss Falilah Hamu ALIYU

It time we forgive ousef for the misteakes we have been doing in the past, lest call terrorist and not becos there belong to a particular group or race.
First of all I will concentrate on the north easten region which im very familiar with, years and up to today children a brought in pic ups to come maduguri to study Islamic religion and as a result of that meduguri has a lagger number of young people. And boko haram gain validation from religion. Religion give validity and legitimacy on boko haram issues. We can not succed without through the educational system

In borno state, there are over 8 ethnic groups, and our border is very pourus abd when we forcus on dealing with boko haram in just one state we will not succed. Tribalism becomes a main issue in borno, and if u don’t belong to a particular ethnic group u find very difficult in gaining acces to basic need of life. If we put all the measures in place then well be curbing multiplication of terrorism.
Leadership, when it comes to security challenges, it’s a national problem.

3rd PLENARY SESSION-WHAT CAN BE DONE TO CONTAIN AND NEUTRILIZE INSURGENCY. -senator sheu Sani-REP MR FRED,General lamb,mr TUNJI lanre, hon Nnena Ukeje, dr nwankwo.



mr fred eno
mr fred eno

We should engage, insurgent don’t fall from the sky, there are one of US.
So we must engage. I say all of this beacuss I don’t know how many of US has met boko haram. My biggest regret has to do with fact that despite all the resources of the government there did not understand that these are not a bunch of ignorant illiterate people. Following the kidnap of choke girls we did approach the government and this time we Had the opportunity of meeting the representative of the ppl. If we are talking about looking at ways to end insurgency, let look at the Internal dynamics dat makes things to happen. I blive the is a silver lining here for us and as a continent we should not shy away that we can end insurgency, but to show the world how we can end the war against insurgent and created a module that the way can copy from.
I belive that if we take the path that we taking the would be a military victory.

hon Nnena Ukeje’s speech

hon Nnena Ukeje
hon Nnena Ukeje

I think the wake up call came to Nigerian when US tag Nigeria a country of interest. What we have also found out is that the parliament was very concerned with the fact that we are still locked out of security oversight.
I would advocate for a more robust security system, we have also spoken to the media and what the media is doing. And I blive the message must come loudly from our muslim brothers, we can’t not continue to say tongue in chick. They must have to be a determine speech to say it clearly.

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