Profile of the Week – Mr. Olufemi Kayode


About Him
Olufemi Kayode is a certified security management expert who currently works as Security Manager in IBM West Africa.
He graduated with an LL.B from the Obafemi Awolowo University in 1994.
In 1997, he graduated with a post graduate diploma in management from the University of Calabar, Nigeria and got his CSMP (Certified Security Management Professional) Diploma from the International Security Management Institute, UK in December, 2013.

His Work
• June 2006 – July 2009, Olufemi Kayode worked as community relations manager in Airtel Nigeria.

• From June 2009 – November 2011, he was the regional security operations manager for Lagos and Ogun States, Airtel Nigeria.
During his time here, he provided strategic security leadership and management for both Lagos and Ogun States and was responsible for guard services, management/relationship with other security agencies, ensured the safety of both employees and properties of the company in the region.

• Still in Airtel Nigeria, from November 2011 –March 2015, he worked as regional security manager for the entire northern region.
While here, he was responsible for the overview of corporate and electronic security for the region. He also established and maintained high level relationships with security firms and business partners in the North; provided strategic leadership and advisory roles regarding safety of both human and material resources in Airtel, northern Nigeria.
• Since March 2015, he has been working as Security Manager for IBM West Africa.

Olufemi Kayode is interested in self-development and how effective security measures can be deployed in protecting both human and material resources of organizations.
Our message to all security practitioners is; the quest for knowledge and the drive for self-development is very important towards becoming a successful professional.

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