Meet Mr. Francis Okafor – Profile of the Week


Name: Mr Francis Okafor

Date of Birth: 18 January, 1979

Educational background:

He holds a Bachelors double honors Degree in Computer Science and Education; and a Masters’ Degree in IT. He is currently pursuing a Doctorate degree in IT.

Family: He is married with two daughters.

Hobbies: He loves driving a lot and dream of participating in car racing events someday.

How did you get into the security industry?

I currently work with a great company I joined since 2006 with over 1000 employees in the field of aviation as Aviation Security Technology Personnel.

In early 2015, I made intra company transfer from core IT department where I had worked on servers, computer hardware & software, coupling, casing and setting up of systems, Hardware Maintenance & Repair; Software installation, Patch Update & upgrade, Server installation, Networking, firewall configuration & hardening etc. Within the same period of time in the IT department I was more interested in securing the company network, systems and entire organization; and so, my focus was to cover the IT security areas. Until an opportunity came for me to move to the security department proper,  a field,  I enjoyed so much now where, I used technology to support systems that help prevent hijacking, Suicidal Terrorism, insider’s threat, Perimeter protection, Smuggling of drugs, cargo security, Aircraft vulnerability, & other future threats to mention a few.

But now I am into Quality Control, Auditing, Standards & Compliance where I ensure security policies are followed to the letter.

Have you ever considered changing profession?

Since I joined the security Department, within the airline, I don’t think I am considering changing profession at the moment


Tell us about what you do

  • Design / Update Departmental Organogram and JDs for Upload on Qpulse;
    • Updated Departmental Manuals for Upload on Qpulse;
    • Liaise with other Government security agencies within the airport
    • Ensure compliance with Arik Air security policies.
    • Liaise with Arik Air Quality Assurance Department in delivery quality and standard;
    • Maintain departmental internal audit and ensure compliance of quality assurance program across units;
    • Conduct Audits and reviews of security operations and policies as requested;
    • Give continuous feedback to VP / AVP AVSEC on any new development as it affects Aviation security Department;
    • Regularly monitor, inspect and audit all beats and operations within Arik and those provided by our service providers;
    • Ensure security department pursuit of excellence, which is achieved through continuous improvement and mutual learning(Training), cooperation and involvement of all aviation related staff;
    • Ensure all security staff are continually updated(Trained if applicable) on any new Security SOPs;
    • Ensure all security Staff follow international recognized standards in carrying out their daily functions and are in compliant with Arik Air Security Operational Procedures;
    • Ensure Performance Plans and Reviews, for all job roles including training and development requirements are completed for all direct reports;
    • Ensure all recurrent AVSEC training for all Ground and AVSEC security staff is carried out in accordance to NCAA regulations;
    • Ensure and Maintain high quality security standards across board;
    • Liaise with Aviation authorities to implement industry security best practice;
    • Carry out security Audit across all Arik Air Stations, and on all our International Route;
    • Develop, implement and support all Border Control systems ensuring compliance is maintained with relevant statutory authorities;
    • Maintain good relationships with local and international authorities including the Nigeria Civil Aviation, Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria, Station Managers, Passenger Service Assistance , Nigerian Immigration, Nigerian Police Force, Aviation Experts / Consultants, Operations Managers at all Arik Air Functioning Airports, eBorders, Trusted Borders; APP South Africa, TSA/ CBP U.S.A.
    • Attends Security Management meetings including OCC Meetings and give feedbacks to VP / AVP as the case maybe.
    • Perform other duties as appropriate and within competence as required and requested from time to time.


What do you love about your job?

My job has to do with documentations, Mental thinking skills, writing reports and reviews. I love tasking my brain a lot. I believe in this slogan – ‘Everything is Possible’ you can set out to achieve your goals if you so desire. These are what keep me going daily.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In the next 5 years, I should see myself as more of a consultant, within the industry, helping company strategies and implementing policies, fight threat with technology and proffer solutions that will help curb unlawful interference within its operating state.


What are your future hopes for professional security experts in Nigeria?

Is one, where professional security experts in Nigeria will speak with one voice as to how to help the government in each state achieve high security level; work with law enforcement agencies and where they will be seen as people that can be trusted with integrity.



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